They confuse me, perplex me, anger me, vex me and annoy me mostly with their actions and lack of self awareness. These people are truly who I believe are severely mentally ill. There are people with BPD, schizophrenia who are seen as mentally ill but I think psychiatric units should let them all go home to free up space for these they them confused nuts and bolts baskets. If you identify as a non binary person you are mentally unwell. If you identify as a ** warewolf or an alien or anything that isn’t what you are YOU ARE BATSHIT INSANE AND NEED TO BE COMMITTED. I am tired of this community. I am tired of the genderless people roaming the streets demanding respect and equality when in-fact they don’t deserve any because you’re a moron. People discriminate you because you are a ** clown. You are an imbecile of the lowest cast and you deserve faeces thrown at you every time you correct someone with your dumb ** pronoun.

Feb 27

Next Confession

I wish were Latina

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  • I didn’t mean to type so much but I just want to at least distinguish that non binary and other gender identities like Demi boy or Demi girl are very different from people who identify as aliens or whatever else.

    I can’t speak much on people who identify as werewolves or whatever, I haven’t encountered any irl, but online I have indirectly encountered some. I can’t say if they are mentally ill or whatever, but they shouldn’t be hate crimed at least. In my full honesty opinion I think people like that either need help mentally or need to touch some grass.

    Non-binary people are people, all that’s different is that they are most comfortable with not being perceived as either a boy or girl. Someone feeling uncomfortable in their own skin within binary gender norms shouldn’t mean they deserve less rights than anyone else.
    Being misgendered can feeling sickening, and refusing to use their preferred pronouns is adding to that. A major of people who are non binary or trans don’t use pronouns for attention or because they just choose to one day, they use them because it makes them feel in their skin/true to themselves.
    How someone sees themselves in regards to gender can be complex, but they still are human at the end of the day and don’t deserve to be treated poorly solely because of it. Gender is more of a social thing than mental thing due to it being how you want other to see yourself like how you feel about yourself.

  • Yall need jesus (to become un-homophobic)


  • That's a lot of anger for an issue that has nothing to do with you. Maybe you're jealous because they can be comfortable with their own sexuality but your father would be ashamed if you were too?

  • The non binary community are separate to the the gay community in my opinion.

  • It's not exactly like they keep to themselves is it? It's the latest cult, and it's rainbow members act like possessed religious zealots. Every tried to have a civil conversation with one? It's not enough to go about their own lives, they are ** bent on destroying everything else that isn't exactly the same as them. Can you make an argument why this is being pushed in grade school?

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