I wish were Latina

I've studied Spanish for seven years and have been fluent for four years. The more I learn about Latin American culture the more it feels like it is designed specifically for me, but everyone assumes that I won't speak Spanish well and talks to me painfully ... slowly ... when ... they ... first ... meet ... me. I am just too white and really wish I at least looked like a latina. The Spanish Church I go to has welcomed me in, but I just really wish I didn't stand out so much as literally the only white person.

Feb 27

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  • Marcel Shihadeh you freak have you turned trans? lol

  • Hey you can just identify as Latina, sure you'll never have the smooth brown skin or big round **, and those big heavy **, but hey, go for it.

  • You are really very sad. Boo hoo, just too white .. good Lord how far we've fallen!

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