Stuff went sideways in a party

My college had a lot of ** boys and bad **. And i quickly became a ** girl who is trying to look like a bad ** there. I felt like i had to try extra hard and push the boundaries more because my body wasnt big at the time.

There was a party at friday night. I was accepted to a somewhat known girl group 1 week ago for probably being a smartass. The friday evening, after the school bell, we went to the restroom to wear some extra spicy clothings that we had. Another gossip started about boys' body count while we were changing in toilet cabinets. Conversation was fast and jumped from topic to topic in 2 minutes. Tldr we had a bet about not wearing ** or bras. I was wearing a short dress so it was extra hard for me to convince myself because i was still feeling shame by the idea of public **. Girls said my curves looked better and im glad my dress wasnt that thin to show my erect **. Some dude accepted to drop us there. I was extremely uncomfortable and scared with the humidity i was feeling between my legs and ** and had to readjust my position often. When we got there, i flew to the restroom (we were too early anyways). Lift my dress to see whats the situation while blushing. I was too wet and hot to the point im glad i didnt leak in the car. I cleaned up with embrassment and wore my underwear i had in my purse. I was a smartass, remember? After an hour or something, the rooms started to fill up. Played some games, talked, flirted, danced, having fun but i couldnt bring the guys i want to the upstairs. I've lost my virginity by myself in bathroom like a loser when i was 15 so i needed to experience this to step up the game.

The party heated up, the dark room was filled with lazers and phone flashlights. I didnt drink much at all but my head was dizzy. We were grinding on boys and i was going wild and slowly lifted my dress while dancing with him as a provocation. The girls quickly crowded around me and told me that they saw my **. We were still dancing and i felt like i got caught for being a loser. I went "** it" wanted to hype up the group. I lifted my dress a bit to take off my underwear. The girls started screaming. The music was too loud. The room was too crowd. Right before i manage to take it off, i lost my balance and fell on my back, bringing some girls with me. Everyone went crazy. I couldnt move because of the girls. They were still laughing and playing. Basically things changed their course very fast and i found myself on the floor, face pressed down by a girl's sweaty ** who is making up with another ** my belly.

From this point, i lost visual contact with the world. I felt my arms pinned, my legs lifted. more i try the move, more this girl presses her hole in my nose. I could barely breathe let alone screaming. I felt a pair of hands checking my legs from top to bottom. I was full of rage, embrassment and helpnessless along with other emotions that i cant define. I couldnt hear anything except a long beep noise in my ears. I quickly realized a ** was grinding on my **. I tried to put together my mind to push the ** my face. I felt a slick pain on my **. I used all my power at once to get rid off some of my body part's resistance. At that moment, he was slowly going inside me. The ** my face spreaded her ** cheecks to push herself deep. I felt a sudden vibration like being electrified on my face with disgusting smell. She has ** in my nose. I started tasting it as the sweat crawled inside my lips. Both from ** and ** on my mouth. He was fully inside me and my last power play didnt work. I lost all my strength as i feel the pain from tightness comes in and out. At some point i probably started ** but it didnt stop anyone. I was captured and being used like a toy. First guy came deep inside me and right after that someone else took the turn. I surpassed the bad ** towards **. Somewhat passed out. Felt more gasses, ejaculations. Woke up in a forest near a road, completely naked. I was leaking sperm from my both holes and my ** was crying. Rest is a history of me, convincing my mom to leave the town.

Mar 2

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