Muslim mother moaning hard?

I came home early from the college camping event and heard noises. I peeked in their room. last thing i expected was my father drilling my mother in missionary. She started moaning so loud that i think that counts as a scream.

I dont know what to feel. They teached me to be a lady and dont think about anything ** since its a sin. My mother was my role model of being in control. Seeing her like she is some ** confused me. But they are also married so it should be fine.

Mar 2

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I want to become a husband for multiple woman

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  • I watched my old mother in law rub her ** and expose her white ** as o massage her bare legs . She never wears a bra and has long hanging dark ** . I made sure to put her foot on my part and she never said a word I always wear sweatpants cause I want her to see my reaction to her . We never got to get in the act only phone ** and shared flashes

  • Grow up college student!!
    Give your folks a break!
    The Bible says your father should ** after his wife. He does. She enjoys being with him - on him, under him, wherever!
    Good for them!
    Look around in church some morning. Where do you think all these people came from?! It was from shaking hands kiddo.

  • This is how you were created!
    The reason not to think about ** stuff is so you don't fall in love without your husband also falling in love with you first. The ** stuff will come naturally as per your husbands desires once he confesses his love for you before marriage. One more thing, a marriage is a trust and since the woman has all the power to create babies, in marriage you hand over the legal power to your husband to own you and the children so that he would want to look after them, and work to pay for their costs. Therefore the dreams and goals of both parties need to be discussed as good (brotherly ie. family relative level) friends before any commitments such as marriage are made.
    You would hope one of those goals is to love his wife and appreciate her beauty and to reaffirm daily that love and to build love and trust which is like laying bricks to build a house, to grow old together and hold hands when you are in your 80's etc. Never to say things that breach the trust, only to look to building the future after marriage.

    Marriage trust parties are - the children are the beneficiaries, the husband is the administrator and the wife is the trustee.

    So it is very very dangerous for a woman to make herself fall in love. It should be based on communication and trust from the beginning. Not loss of control which is inevitable where sexual response is involved.

  • Did you not think they had **? Or even enjoyed it? Are they aliens or something?! Just because western women put it all out there doesn't mean other women don't like it - maybe they are more refined and know what belongs in the bedroom vs what is shown in public.

  • The best wrestlers will always moan

  • My wife does her duty. She doesn't moan. She doesn't **. Just lies there quietly like a dead fish.

    Some times I whip her. I'll gag her so the kids don't hear her screams.

  • Maybe they were wrestling?

  • Sweetheart, it’s fine. Your mom was doing her Womanly duty and enjoying it.

    One day you to will have the chance to serve your husband. I only hope your husband gives you the joy that your mother appears to receive from your father

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