I’m a cheating **

I’m 24 year old military wife with no kids. I was stationed at fort Stewart with my husband and he was a real ** hole. He was more interested in drinking and games and I felt alone. We were married for a year when I started ** his friends. They would come over and I would blow them or let them ** me when ever we had a chance. It quickly turned to tinder where I would meet up with anyone that I matched with. In a year I slept with over 50 men and blew another 20. Half of them were with out condoms and I always swallowed if I blew them. We PCS’ed to Germany where I started again but got caught and he divorced me. While I was still there I sucked off a guy in his car while on my break. I let him take me home and ** on his side of the bed. I let him ** in me and later i Wiped a bit of ** on his toothbrush. I hate him so much and I’m glad I ** all his friends.

Mar 21

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Gained 200 lbs since marriage

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  • This was incredibly hot marry me 🤣

  • I was an Air Force lifer. I married in my early 20’s and stayed married for just over twenty of those years. Early on I was given some sage advice; always call ahead and never ask where the strange pair of socks came from. Did my wife sleep around? I never asked. Did I find comfort in the many locations I was sent? She never asked.

  • Not your fault, all women needs to be ripped off clothes and fuckked on streets.

  • I've been deployed twice and while there I f ucked some girls while there. I knew my wife was ** a few guys on base, and I'm sure she knew I was too. We've never talked about it, and we both still have affairs to this day, but it doesn't mean we don't love each other.
    I fully understand and support what you did, and only wish we had been able to hook up.

  • Sounds like you did this because you enjoyed it. You got back at him by being an easy score?

  • During my time in the military, I slept with a LOT of military wives and married service women. Some husbands openly knew while most did not, or didn't admit to it. It seemed to be more of a 'blind eye' thing. The few husbands that knew and we talked about it, only asked that I passed it forward when I had women of my own.

    Try to remember that MOST of the military, and their wives, are college age. This, plus a lot of long deployments and transfers make for a lot of situationships, cheating and parties. Almost every party I attended in the military that had strippers or hookers in it. The 'strippers' or 'hookers' were really wives or girlfriends of our friends.

    While this OP is bitter and angry, most left with a smile

  • Good for you. Share the love cause he didn’t deserve you

  • Wow are you bitter?

    Did you do all that to get back at him or because you enjoyed it?

  • I want you to ** my ** i want to nut in your mouth

  • I have a used-up ** for rent!

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