Have any of you enabled your son into obesity?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of gaining weight and being enabled or overfed.

I've seen countless stories and confessions here about wives fattenning up their husbands or enabling them. Seen also confessions about men enabling their wives or daughters into obesity but have not seen yet the confession/story of a father/mother enabling their son into obesity.

This is a topic that still piques my interest. Have you or someone you know enabled their son into obesity? Maybe even fattened him up on purpose?

If so, how did it happen?

Mar 24

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  • There's this:


  • I don't know about fattening up a son but I do know all about fattening up a wife and daughters. I have a huge wife (over 600lbs) who is bigger around than she is tall and two young daughters ages 10 and 12 who are on track to be just like their mom. But I also have a son age 8 that is trim and fit and the proper weight for his age. I keep him active in sports and I feed him a healthy balanced diet. As he gets older he will come in handy to help me take care of my little pod of female whales. Traditionally that's what men are supposed to do. Feed, pamper and protect the females of their tribe or family.

  • There's this:


  • Is this something that you have experience with?

  • I starve my wife and daughters so they are skinny.

  • That's abuse. Skinny girls are absolutely useless. No one wants a skinny girlfriend or wife.

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