He wants to run away together

We talk about how in another universe, we are more than just an affair. In another universe, we are forever.
So why not in this one? He says he wants to make me happy forever. Fall asleep in my arms and awake with me in his. He wants to make love to me and experience life together.
He said he'll leave his wife for me. And hopes I'll leave my husband for him.
....but... I can't. How can I? I love him, but I also love my husband. I have built a life and a future with him. And, if I'm being honest, I don't think we would last, as much as I wish we could. The pain would be too much.

I would be lying if I said I don't think about it though. I can picture a whole beautiful life with him. I dream of our house and the children we would have.

Someone snap me out of this.

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  • Oh please, are you actually believing that he'll leave his wife for you? They never do-- they always want to have their cake and eat it too. With her, he's got history and stability and the appearance of respectability. Then there's you: his dirty little secret, his side piece. Best of both worlds for him. Why would he risk losing all that by actually following through with his manipulative prose?

    Even if he did leave her, he who cheats with you will eventually cheat ON you. Of course, if that happened, you'd then be socially mandated to go all hateful on "the other woman", even though it takes TWO to tango.

    This isn't even touching on YOUR wandering eye. You're doing the exact same thing he is-- wanting your cake and eating it too. Review the first paragraph above, only apply it to yourself instead. Greeeeeat character you've got there, honey!

    Daydream all you want, but know that you're emotionally stuck at around age 13. I wouldn't want to know either one of you.

  • Someone got their wittle heart broken, methinks! Your only response is vitriol? You should try working on your empathy there, bud. I'm sure they definitely wouldn't want to know you either!

  • Someone's a wittle bit defensive, methinks! This isn't the only example of vitriol in the comments, are you picking at anyone else? Hmm, nope. Sorry about your guilty wittle conscience, there :D

  • In another universe you might be a wonderful together. In this universe you are just a couple of selfish a*******.

  • You are sailing on two boats soon they will drown with you and you will have no where to go

  • Wow, are you the woman I'm in love with? Seriously, I work with the woman of my dreams. She's gorgeous and funny, and I literally dream about her at night. We have had s**, but it's hard for us to find time alone because she has a jealous husband and I have wife who expects me home after work. I have told her that I would run away with her to another state, but she says it would be wrong and unfair to our spouses. Being the realistic person I am, I know she's right, but I just can't stop thinking about her and I know she thinks about me too just from her actions and thinks she has said. I know we'll never be together, but maybe someday things will change.

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