I would rather be dead

I don't wash my hands after using public transportation; I want to get the swine flu. I don't wear insect repellant; I want to get dengue fever. I don't wear my seatbelt; I want to get in a lethal car accident.

I would never deliberately commit suicide, but i'm not very careful about having a safe life. i always wish I weren't living. I hate life, I would rather be dead than living.

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  • Aww.. just go and get HIV already. Its not that hard.

  • You are not allowed to "choose" to not wear a seatbelt. It is the law dumbass. And, because you are so damn idiotic, I feel I also must explain this. The law is not there to only protect people to stupid to protect themselves by wearing a seatbelt, it's there to protect everyone else. If you have other people in the car with you, by not wearing a seatbelt you are a lethal projectile that, when you couple the weight of your body plus the speed at which you are driving, will seriously injure or kill your passengers. Kill yourself all you want, but don't hurt anyone else. Also, it protects anyone with whom you get into a car accident, so they don't have to bear the thought of being a participant in an fatal accident just because you don't care about yourself.

    Grow the f*** up, the world doesn't revolve around you.

  • ^You are just pathetic, and full of s***. If somone wants to die they do it, and don't leave it up to chance. You pathetic piece of s***.

  • Show me where in my post I said that i drove fast, under the influence, played "chicken" or played with guns, Please, PLEASE tell me how you interpreted "I don't wear my seat belt" to "I drive drunk." Please.

    Actually, I do have a choice in wearing a seatbelt. I refuse to wear it all the time. The whole point of the post was saying that i was CHOOSING not to protect myself. How was that unclear?

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