One hard thing.

One of the hard things about being a bi guy in a monogamous relationship is that my wife doesn't care about the sexy underwear I wear. I have no one to share them with and its hard not to want to show them off. I don't want to look elsewhere for attention because I am committed to our family. It's just hard to adjust to this new life. Even when I wear fabulous underwear.

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  • Put on your underwear and take a long honest look at yourself in the mirror. Would anybody really find you sexually appealing ? Be honest ! It looks great to you, but, might not to others. You might not even be bisexual, you're probably just a transvestite. Wearing girly bloomers doesn't make you bi, and since coitus with men or other women isn't an active part of your life, accept the fact that what you really like is your panty secret. Keep the peace, and keep it hidden !

  • Admit it. Part of what makes it exciting is that it’s hidden. Otherwise what’s the big deal? It’s just underwear.

  • I have hid mine for 32 years. she would kill me but I wear them every day to work. If your like me, mine are sexier then hers!

  • Some wives are so judgemental. No empathy. Totally selfish.

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