Bulge flashing teachers, moms, and classmates

I remember going swimming with my primary school to the local pool for swimming lessons.
I must of been about 7 or 8 we were standing poolside when I noticed some off the girls were looking at me didn't take much notice until one of teachers or mums that helped out asked if I'm sure they're swim wear and my parents know I've got them today. I think they're cycling shorts one of the mums said.
I remember saying it says on the side beach.
I did notice you could see the shap of my ** in them but didn't think much about, didn't think it was a big deal it's only a **. thinking with my family being ok ** thinking every family must be I took them off in front of my close to show them the sorts have the netting in them and the label. It turns out not everyone is use to ** and being ** or naked with others.

Jun 23

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Nc sissy

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  • I live in FL near a beach. Naughty swim suits are the norm here. Coin slots and guy bulge details on display

  • Oh how I love coin slots

  • When I was like 10 swimming at a neighbor's pool - my friends sister got out of the pool and I noticed that the ** of her suit bottoms was clinging to her body in a very different manner than boys! There seemed to be a vertical slot between the legs of females. Interesting! It was a l o n g time before I learned how things worked down there!

  • We forgot to pack my swim trunks for vacation. I had to wear my sister's light blue bikini bottoms (like a speedo) for the first two days until mom bought me trunks.

  • My mom used to make me wear speedo swimmers. I'm a boy. All my friends had bordies.

  • Interesting! When I was about 6 I went swimming in my friend's pool with her 2 sisters. I was wearing a speedo-like bikini bathing suit and forgot to tie it up front. When climbing out on the ladder my suit slipped down and exposed my **. The girls never saw a boy's ** before and loved it! I was sooooo embarrassed,

  • Did they show you their equipment?

  • I did get to see some of in the showers and changeling, a few of the girls took interest again in showers saying I'm right it isn't so bad

  • Why would you be embarrassed

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