Wrestling Mum

I am a very big lad for my age where we live in the sticks is boring dad works away a lot, its mum and me at home, we were watching wrestling on tv i asked mum if she had ever wrestled she said she use to when she was younger, i said are you past it now i knew she would take the bate , we stripped to shorts and tee shirt, i notice mum had taken her bra off i could see her nipples protruding which got me excited i got a swelling down below, we wrestled a bit we were in all sorts of positions with personal contact that wouldn't happen with your mum my hand accidently went inside her tee shirt on her t*** i felt her nipples, sorry i said mum said ime ok, we were in a position with our heads between each others legs i was breathing heave and could smell mums v*****, i had a full h****** when mums hand inside my shorts and over my d*** i think she did it on purpose, she felt at my d*** briefly. I will continue next time, Sam

Jan 8, 2021

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  • My sister was 10 years older, when I was about 16 she came to live with Mom and I for the Summer. She discovered that Mom bathed me, which was NBD because Mom bathed her too when she was little. So a few times, not many, I got to watch Mom bath her and she watched Mom bath me. What was interesting was when Mom had my sister spread her legs so she could explain everything to me. We never did wrestle though.

  • Me and my sister use to wrestle it always leads to inappropriate touching and groping where you shouldn't we both knew what was happening and we look back on it as a fond memory

  • Cool

  • Playful Wrestling is normally good foreplay.

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