What has this world come to?

I'm a thin, good looking teenage girl... and im sitting at home on a friday night... what do i have to do to get some around here?

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  • Seriously if youre actually goodlooking (skinny has nothing to do with it, different body shapes appeal to different people) then tell a guy you want s**! or at least a hook up or something. flirt, dont sit around at home on a friday night and wait for prince f****** charming. do it yourself and your own way. it works.

  • Well.. maybe no one wants to mention your body odor? But actually, what are your friends doing? Can it be that hard to tag along? Or heck, just dress up and go to one yourself. Someone will buy you a drink if you have enough cleavage. Oh wait. Teenager.

    But us focusing on s** is actually an issue? Go to a movie? Bowling? Alcohol-less rave maybe? Mow the lawn in a bikini? Mow your own lawn then go out without wearing any underwear? It wouldn't matter what you do, but it would all be exciting in its own way. If you want some attention wow, you'll get it!

  • ^Lol he needed to have some kind of accomplishment in his life, other than downloading p*** in his parent's basement.

  • ^Didn't have to try? You had to post something, thats trying. When you speak, do you really ever think about what you're saying?

  • Who is the scared one, s***-stain? A child scares you , that is why you feel powerfull enough to kill it. Man, you f****** suck as a human being. How tired an argument by you whiney cowards to say on-demand anytime abortions are justified because less than 2% of pregnancies have some health risk and are due to a rape. You don't give a f*** about women much less the children they carry.

    Look at you fuckwad; you curse a brave woman who decides to have a child due to being raped because she doesn't beleive in killing an innocent child who commited no crime, and are not intellectually honest enough to admit medical technology can make a 1 lb baby survive. Does a filty coward advocate protecting human life or killing it unjustly? S***-hole.

  • ^Awwww how cute. The tough Christian can curse.

    I bet you are always this tough online, you miserable piece of s***, people like you always are.

    Yes, what goes on in a clinic has nothing to do with you, f****** wannabe Fred Phelps f*****. Did you get someone pregnant? I didn't think so, that requires your spineless ass to have a d***, and be able to know how to use it.

    You p****** crack me up, anything that doesn't match your morals always scares the s*** out of you, so you have to scream and cry that everything is evil, if it scares you, and we all know everything scares you.

    Go tell a woman who has been raped, who has been sexually abused by a relative, who could die in childbirth, tell any of them they can't have an abortion because it scares the s*** out of you.

    You're nothing more than filth, cowardly filth, and you know it.

    : )

  • Your anti-religious whine snivel whine sounds like a queef, loser. The second response offered an alternative to s** out of marriage- if you don't like it then don't take it, but to cry like a pre-teen girl about a suggestion other than 'go to a nightclub', or 'get a vibrator' makes you superior only because I called you a p****? But you are p****. Maybe if I used 'lacks common sense' you would feel better about your ignorance and being called out on it, but the fact remains you are a p****...p****.

    What you do in your bedroom is between you and the animals you f***, a******, but I bet you are one that thinks abortions being done in downtown clinics is a private matter like in the bedroom, except s***-stains like you take no consideration for the human being being killed in these urban murder mills.

    Next time let the dog f*** you like the b**** you are.

  • No problem. I'll just follow your superior christian example.

    F*** you! You Fundy bible thumpers.
    The original post was from a girl looking to get laid. It didn't say anything about an Alter boy wanting to get raped by a church official, so religion has nothing at all to do with this.
    godboy saw someone who's morals didn't exactly follow his, so he saw that as a chance to proselytize.
    Wake up! She's not looking for god... she's looking for d***.
    But no! godboy has to interject his beliefs into her bedroom where he has no business being in the first place

    Stay the h*** out of other peoples bedrooms and we won't f*** in your church!.

  • Go to a nightclub then duh!

  • to the anti-religous haters: Just because you lower your personal standard to that of a rock doesn't mean it's the goal for others. If you don't like the advice given by some, don't take it. For you to cry and whine about it only makes you a p****.

  • ^ Nice "christian" virtues Dumbass.

  • ^^ good example sof what this world is coming to^^. Inconsiderate jackasses who won't promote virtue because they lack it themsleves. Since they are a bag-o-s*** person(s) everyone else needs to strive for their standard which is preferring a w**** to a woman with character.

  • ^ Agreed! Why the h*** do these f****** jesus freaks always feel the need to push that crap on everyone?

    Hey. god boy! If she wants to go out and get laid, it's none of your f****** business. It doesn't affect you in any way, so keep your f****** mythology to yourself.

    Everybody has already "heard the word" and less people are interested than ever before. Let it go.

  • ^It must be nice to confine and suppress everything you are and will be.

  • You're a chick. How hard could it be.

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