Kind of irritating

What's with all the random Republican comments on Confessionpost? I mean, I'm cool with Republicans but do they really have to bring up political stuff on so many confessions that otherwise have nothing to do with politics? WTF?

(or is it all the same person?)

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  • Republicans and Christians (they are often one and the same) LOVE to use any opportunity to shove their opinions down other people's throats, and then whine about free speech or prosecution when those other people object.

    If there isn't an opportunity, they'll create one. Non sequitirs and bullshit from left field (pun intended-- suck it, right wingers) are their go-tos. It doesn't matter if it's awkward or kills the conversation, as long as they get to hoot out their clueless, militarized righteousness.

  • ^You're a stupid child, your way of life is WOW and nickelback.

    I can see you now on vent, "Hey guys, I'm on xbox, what song are you listening to while you play Call of Duty?"

    lmao get a life.

  • I know what you mean, FIRST POST.

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