Some things that bother me.

I grew up in a Christian household, and like everyone in that situation,had to go to church each week, but they never asked me if I wanted to go, they just forced it on me. Later on I decided enough was enough and became atheist. But one thing I realised, was that atheists, for those who are not true atheists, were people who were basically just against God. This bothered me a lot. Atheists are against all forms of higher power. I reliesed that I still believed in higher powers and in forms of certain magick, so I started looking at pagans religions and found one for me.
The point is, Do not force your children to go to church. Do not think atheists are trying to destroy God,and do not think that magick is bad. All religions have their own rituals and laws.

Jan 14, 2015

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  • My parents never took me to church and never will. I know nothing about God or catholic/Christianism. I wish that my parents had at least given me a choice to go. I understand your point, but opposite problem.

  • Deep breath.

    I reckon it is a parents duty to try and instil their values and beliefs into their children. If parents just step back from responsibility then the kid will get their input from the mob/crowd.

    I believe in God, some people don't care, others seem as passionate about claiming God does not exist as do the more religious believers. Seems odd to me that one would put so much effort into a negative. But you know that is one of the real strengths of modern western society - A tolerance of all.

    In your case, celebrate that you found somewhere to belong.

    (A little joke - One day back around 1000 years ago a young apprentice was doing his time making hand written copies of the scriptures when he discovered a translational error. He rushed up stairs to the Abbot and said excitedly "It's celebrate, the translation is celebrate" :) )

  • As a parent you should teach them to think for themselves not dumb them down with nonsense

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