without recognition.

man, so im 17. today i added up how many men ive slept with in a 2 year period.
the number's 30. and i have a few lined up.
i believe im a sexaholic.
i have a boyfriend.
but i dont believe in monogomous relationships. he does.
of course he does.
so im f*****.
i say i love him, but i lost the feeling for him back in november.
im in counseling, but we dont talk about my obsession to s**, we talk about my drinking.

so im prolly gunna end up staying with my boyfriend.
still f*** all the other guys.
and continue drinking.

probably drop counseling though, b**** doesnt do a damn thing for me.

Jul 8, 2010

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    "f*** god"... hahahahahaha

  • It sounds to me like you are beyond praying. The only way now to get into God's good graces is to f*** him. F*** God, and all of your problems will vanish.

  • Praying. Quietly doing nothing while thinking it is a solution for everything.

    Put the cards on the table. State clearly of what you want in your relationship. Pretty much, you like hanging out with the guy, and occasional s**. But he isn\\\\'t enough for you and YOU\\\\\\"LL actively seek out other f****. Its the truth, isn\\\\'t it?

  • ^ Oh s***. Here we go again. *rolls eyes*
    How is prayer going to do anything?

    Oh... wait... you mean you still believe that crap?

  • You have got to get help. Start with prayer. Start with church. Find better friends, preferably good, saved, Christian friends. If you don't, your life will never get any better. May God bless you!!!

  • s*** is an understatement

  • Sounds like you've got everything squared away.
    Good luck!

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