I told my husband before we got married that I would probably never give him a b******. He didn't really say anything but I could tell he was disappointed.Yet damn near every Saturday night, before we f***, he eats me out and it feels so good. I wonder what it would be like to giving him a b******. My sister told me the only guy she ever went down on is her boyfriend, and she says he taste pretty sweet at first.I mean I've thought about doing it before.On his birthday I'll tell myself I'll give him a b****** tonight.But something always comes up or I just chicken out.I feel bad that he goes down on me but I don't go down on him. I let him f*** my t*** once, he told me it felt good and that he really liked it. But we having done it again since.I'm starting to think he was lying to make me feel good.I want to give him a b****** and get it over with, but I just cant being myself down to do it.


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  • Work your way up to it. You said he liked titty f******. Let him do that, and start kissing his c*** as it comes up to your face. When he says he's gonna c**, try to put your mouth over his c*** so he c*** in your mouth.

    Is he really big? Is that the problem?

  • make a fist with ur left hand and pinch ur left thumb then stick ur r finger down ur gag reflexe...w**** told me that

  • Cut? Uncut? anything to do with it? She might be afraid of one, or just ignorant about it.

  • You told him you'd never give him a bj -BEFORE- you got married....... and he married you ANYWAY?!?!?!?!?


    Count your blessings sweetie.
    I would have walked out on you right then!

  • I wouldn't worry abouit it so much. He's already getting b******* elsewhere since you won't do it.

  • your an a******.

  • You might find the power a total turn-on. You'll have CONTROL of his junk.

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