I'm not gay but.....

Last year my wife went out of town for a few days to visit family. I have for a long time thought about giving a b******. The only person I have ever been with is my wife. I was a virgin on my wedding night and everything. But this day temptation got the best of me. I got real h**** and went website and but and "ad" out. A guy contacted me and we arranged a time.

He got to my house and walked in. He unzipped his paints and got on my knees. He had an average, but nice sized c***. I was a little nervous but I went down. I gave him a b****** on y couch in my living room. i told him not to "finish" in my mouth, so just before he did he told me and i grabbed a towel and he finished there. He left and that was it.

I cant tell my wife because she will leave me. The problem is that even though I'm not gay, i think about giving b******* ALOT. I get really hard thinking about doing it again. And I get super hard thinking about my wife "forcing" me to do suck another man.

I wish there was someway to get her into that. Well, i just wanted to get that off my chest.

Jul 1, 2012

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  • You are gay. There is nothing wrong with it but you really shouldn't be married to a woman. The sooner you get out of your marriage and be true to yourself, the happier you will be. You'll be free! If you get hard thinking about c***, you are definitely not hetero. Again there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but there is if your married to a woman. Us women are not fools.

  • I would love it if my wife forced me to give another dude a b******! So hot!

  • I am a married man 45. I have done the same, but have gone back for seconds, and thirds. I did have a mfm with my wife once. She loved it but feels too guilty to do it again. So from time to time, I find a guy and we suck each other off. Never had a***...but who knows, I might.

  • You should definitely go to a gay bar in your town and get yourself a man with a really really big one. Let him seduce you and take you home to his place and then let nature take its course. I think you're going to love the lifestyle and all the incredible s** you're going to be getting as a married man crossing the line.

  • i agree. im gay and i totaly love married men. cant ever get enough of them. yummy!

  • both of these are right. married men are the best lovers for a gay man.

  • Very very sexy.

  • i think what you did was totaly hot. totaly. in fact i wish i had been the guy you got to come to your house cuz i really like married men. in fact i love married men. i realy dont think you want to quit this and I realy dont think you should quit it. there are a lot of guys like me who you could date as much as you wanted and who would be completely discreet about the relationship so much that nobody would ever know what you were doing on the side. i think what you did was so hot that it makes me hard to think about you doing that and to think about you doing it again. god!!

  • I wish I was your visitor, too.

  • You are not gay. You are just one of those types of men who are willing to try things. :) Go ahead, ask your wife "Would it be hot if I gave another guy a b****** for you babe??"

  • I agree...you are gay.

  • Not gay? Sorry, but if you are a guy and you suck a c*** and fantasize about it, then yes you are gay.

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