Ashamed. Well not really

It all started when i stayed home for 2 weeks on vacation. I had so much time on my hands and noone was around during the day. One day I decided to watch a p**** by myself. I was so excited that I never thought to pay attention to the window situation. You see I live in a condo complex and I never thought that anyone would be looking down from another floor. The day watched the p**** I also pretended to be part of the movie if you know what I mean. It took me a couple of days before I understood that the old guy upstairs was not just accidently around alot. I was suspicious so when I went back in the house I looked up and over and lo and behold my neighbor was looking down and had a perfect birds eye view of my bed and the exact place where I had my legs spread wide open!!!! Gasp! I almost fell apart and wanted to run but at the same time I felt very excited. Later the same day I watched the window and saw his movements so I decided to be wild and free and this time I just played with myself using my hands. I didn't last a minute that I had a huge o*****. Well, this got to be a obsession with me and i was considering the excitement of having him see more and experience that pleasure again. I went outside and pretended to use the laundry facility even though I have my own washer/dryer. The man was there within minutes. He was from Russia and spoke no english, was about 70 years old, bald and had yellow teeth but he turned me on. I flirted with him and went home. I thought about him while I cooked dinner for my husband and all night thought about getting him into my home and very soon. I was trying to figure out how to get him in without chickening out. Next day I brought all my laundry to the laundry room and wore a tshirt with no bra. The man from upstairs came in before i left and tried to talk but he spoke almost no english whatsoever, he stayed anyway and everytime I dropped something he would be right there to pick it up while staring at my hard nipples. I am not the kind of woman to act on impulse but i invited him to help me bring my laundry home. As soon as he stepped into the doorway he grabbed my breast and lifted my shirt and rubbed his face in my breast I pushed him away and but he was all over me. I panicked and thought I am out of my mind but once he started licking my nipples I calmed right down and locked the door. He took my shorts off and licked my p**** and man did he know how! He caused me to have a tremendous o*****. I was suprised that he was so skilled and sexy. he came over everyday for the next week and brought me different food his wife cooked. He plastered a damaged wall and did a few things at the house and noone suspected that the greasy little guy was my fantasy lover. I am still obsessed with him to this day. I have never been so intimate in my lifetime. I see him from time to time and noone suspects not even my husband. I have gone to Home Depot with him a few times and I love to steal those moments. He makes me feel so beautiful.

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  • That's so f***** nasty!!!

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