So.... i have noone to tell this too in my friends circle. Last night me let a guy ive been dating...welll....fwb, pee on me. I was a little worried/discussed by it but after some thought and said sure. So he spent the better part of the evening drinking alot of water. And when got home from work and went into the shower to clean up and he came in. He was really polite about it and asked me to get on my knees. So as im there then sucked him off thinking maybe could can get away with just a b******. But then felt a little come out into my mouth. It really didn't taste bad at all. So I kept sucking him and then more came out. Then he pulled it out and started to pee on my face, little at a time then he told me to open my mouth, could feel it warm dripping down my face and on my lips and tounge. Dripping into my mouth. I grabbed his junk at that point and pointed it right in my mouth. Letting it fill my mouth then swished it around in my mouth before letting it drip down my body. I really got into it. Alot! Its not an everyday thing, but once and awhile thinking I'd be down for it again. I think I'd like to try it with another girl next time. Lay down with her in top of me and soak my face with it.

Oct 27, 2020

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  • That's totally hot! I like to get on my knees and let my girlfriend pee on my face in the shower. Love licking her p**** while she pees.

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