I find 12-13 year old boys ridiculously cute, even though most of them are ugly as sin, whenever I actually come across a rare attractive tween boy he is then %1000 times hotter than any other type of person could ever hope to be. Come to me, attractive little boys!



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  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm little boys

  • I kinda thought so to till I was invited to our neighbors 14th birthday party and there was about 11 boys there and I was the only girl and he started making out with me right in front of everyone and it wasn't really that awkward for we've made out several times before but this time was different he did it with all the other boys watching and a few more joined in and before long it was all of the touching me , kissing and touching me and it didn't take long till my head started to spin and I thought what was in my pop and my clothes disappeared and I ended up getting f***** by all of them several times each in all holes. I was so sore the next day I could barely walk when I walked over to find out what went on and he showed me three video's that were taken of me f****** them all and one clear as all h*** with me saying come on guys give it to me and he took my hand led me to the basement and f***** me again for the next three hours.

  • 'ello all, I'm the OP of these quirky "OP here," comments. My mum found out that I posted these silly comments posing as the OP of all of these confessions and she's forcing me post this apology now. I'm sorry mates, I didn't ever mean no harm by any of it. I was taking the p*** out of you all. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for my meddling mum!

  • You do gay men a dsservice.

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