my kids real father

i am not the biological father of my kids- my wife didnt want to go through donor insemination so she got her ex-boyfriend to impregnate her.the kids were born 4 years apart.He has never seen them.
The ex-boyfriend is now divorced and , did not have any children with his former wife. He contacted my wife about 6 weeks ago- he wanted to see the kids and I said no-to my surprise my wife sided with him- said that since he is their father he should be able to establish arelationship with them.They have been spending a lot of time with him and he is taking them to Hilton Head for a week. he also asked my wife to come along to "support "the kids, and she has agreed. I am concrned that their real father is trying to move into our lives to replace me as their parent-iam also not sure where my wife stands in all this...they are all gone for a week..

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Sounds like this guy had some pretty good s** with your wife.
    Also sounds like he's still doing it.
    He needs her for the pleasure and she obviously doesn't mind.
    Don't stand in the way. Let them have their pleasure.
    You shouldn't mind.

  • Being a sperm donor does not make him the father. Get your wife back and be your kids dad. If she doesn't come back, you need to decide if you want to be their dad or if you want to walk away. Do your kids know?

  • I simply cannot believe you would go along with her having him father the children!!! Really unbelievable.

  • Don't get insanely jealous, but be wary. Who hasn't considered getting back together with an ex? Try and initiate some sort of friendship or at least agreement with the "real" father. It will prevent him from seeing you as an obstacle to be removed, and if your wife IS cheating on you with him, it'll give her the heebie-jeebies. Good luck, people are s***.

  • She never stop loving the ex bro!she problably broke with him and married you and than relize she still in love with him that's why she did not want insimination sad part is that you took care of his kids while he was working on getting divorce!sorry man you got use!just walk away she doesa not love you!

  • Your wife is an a******.

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