The Girl I Want To Be

I used to stare at her wishing I could be as pretty as her then maybe the guy i love wouldn't fight with me ever and like me more. She then became friends with my ex-boyfriend and told him how I stare at her and I denied and said I was staring at a boy in the class, but really I was staring at her wishing I could be her. Guess who my ex-boyfriend wants to date now? :'(

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  • When I was in school there was a perfect girl that I wanted to be like. I discovered that once I accepted my own flaws, others would as well. Later in school I ended up being way more popular than her even though she was like an angel from another planet. Shockingly, I think people are more attracted to something realistic in the long run. Your ex may be running after her with his tongue out now and maybe forever but I doubt she will ever give him the time of day. Things change too and boys chase me all over now to the point of annoyance.

    One more thing....don't ever let it show. Don't stare anymore and if you do get caught say she was hanging a booger:)

  • im in the same situation. my exboyfriend is dating a girl i am so jealous of. she is abs gorgeous! and just as it all. she is so popular and funny. she is also a good friend of mmine..lmao im sorry about this tho :( love hurts

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