Because I'm afraid of being alone

I hate my wife. I've hated her for years. She is mean, hateful, depressing to be around, stoned all the time, and hasn't had s** with me in six months. Life was way worse when I hated my wife and hated myself. I transitioned to living my life as a woman five years ago. At least now I don't hate myself any longer.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I have no idea what's going on here? I this a dude with a p**** or a p**** with a d***. I think I hate him and his dryed up f****** wife. Can't you at least throw in a 10 year old... the family pet...can I get a f****** hamster. I mean for f**** sake...f***...

  • ^LMAO Soooo Sorry I didn't know had to rip off my native language to make yours. Funny, I speak Spanish since birth and we didn't need your language to use it.
    Good job puta, good job. Have you ripped off puta yet? Tagalog might need that too.

  • Bakit ba kasi nagkalat ang mga tanga dito eh?

  • » ^LMAO come back when you learn real Spanish white boy.

    --> Pahiya ka ngayon mokong ka. Che!

    » ^guy who understands because he is also a f**

    Isa ka pa, sira ulo!

  • Wow you guys who leave negative comments all really suck!! Everybody has problems - everybody makes mistakes and makes decisions they dont like.

    Guy - I understand, to some degree, how you're feeling. If you are with someone you hate then you are still alone. which sucks. But its not fair to either of you if you are both trapped in a relationship that is hateful. Love is supposed to be wild, romantic, passionate, comfortable, familiar, exciting. It doesn't sound like you have that, but i bet you can find it. Everyone, no matter who they are or what mistakes they've made, everyone everywhere deserves to know what that kind of love is. That includes you.

  • LEAVE HER! You deserve better. But first before you can get better you have to change your view of yourself and your self confidence, trust me it effects the way you may interact with the world. See a psychologist about this, seriously!

  • ^It's tagolog, s*** hole. A dialect in the Philippines.

    To the OP, a woman likes a man to f*** her, not some dude who likes to dress better than she does.

  • ^LMAO come back when you learn real Spanish white boy.

  • » F** alert

    --> Kung sino ka man punyeta ka, mamatay ka na! Leche, gaga, bakla!

  • Maybe you two just hate each other, there are two sides to every story, just break it off and go your own ways.

  • dude maybe she hasnt f***** you because you havent made her want to f*** you for six months cause like no one wants to f*** someone who hates them.

  • Oh, and she sounds SO happy. People are usually stoned, mean and hateful for a reason. Like, maybe she hates you too, because you're the kind of guy who b****** about his wife over the internet. Or not. Maybe you're lovely. But being trapped married to someone who hates you for over 5 years is a pretty raw deal. In any case, either start fixing things to make your wife and yourself a little happier, or cut and run.

  • ok, don't listen to what anyone're your own person and have the right to be who you want to be...i completely understand how you lost the love for your wife, and can even see how it resulted to your change...but you need to let go now...don't let the past keep you from living the future...goodluck to you =]

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