My boyfriend kicked me on my face. I heard a loud cracking noise & my nose started bleeding. It hurts so bad. I don't know if I should go see my Doctor. They will make me file a report against him and the reports end up on our local newspaper. I don't want everyone in my neighborhood to know My business.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • How funny that when it happens to a woman everyone is up in arms and ready to send the guy to prison. But when a woman is the abuser everyone just turns the other cheek. Makes me sick. I am so tired of her hitting and kicking me. But I can't get out because she would make up lies and I end up in trouble. Last time it happened I went to jail. Yeah figure that one out. I went to jail and she sat home and laughed.

  • You should file a report against him, he kicked you IN THE FACE. He need to go to prison.

  • Violence is like cheating: never a one-off deal.

    My ex did both to me: cheated on me and beat me. GET OUT OF THERE.
    Every time "I'm so sorry, never happen again etc etc"

    From the outside it's so simple, so clear: get away from him. From the inside it's so much harder to walk away, but trust me on this, it's worth it.

    I can only repeat: LEAVE.

    Go to hospital, report him. Once he's got that on his record it makes things so much more simple in terms of getting away, getting help and, especially, getting help from the police.


    Don't fool yourself: you're better than this, and you deserve decent treatment from a decent man. You won't find this where you are now.


    Who do you want to be?
    The woman who said "f***** broke my nose. F*** him." or the woman who, in 5 years, walks into the ER every other week because "you're so clumsy" ?
    After a while, pity becomes contempt.
    And there's a really good chance that one day he'll kill you. Not delibratly: a punctured lung. Drown in your own blood while sleeping, ruptured kidney. Something that doesn't feel any worse than every other time, but is that thing, that little thing, that tips your body over the edge.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and that happens tomorrow, so you don't have to live in constant pain for the next few years and THEN die.


  • I'm sorry....but are you nuts?this guy KICKED YOU IN THE FACE.You're lucky he didn't kill you.Why you would want to protect this a****** is beyond me,but if you do want to protect him,the first poster is right about doctor patient confidentiality laws.The only thing they must report are gunshot wounds.
    Now get you butt to the doctor so you can have your face x rayed and dump this j***.There are much better men out there who would never hit you!

  • It's common to feel embarrassed about abuse. It's not your fault, it's completely his. Get medical help and do what you can to get out of the relationship. The violence will continue and will probably even get worse.

  • Nice boyfriend. You're right, tell no one because then he might get arrested like the punk he is and you can suffer more in silence like a good little girl rather than be embarrassed for being a victim of a crime from an a******. Isn't it good we have police and womens liberation so that you no longer have to be afraid of a*******?

  • Doctor-patient confidentiality prevents them from contacting the police, or you could lie, or whatever you want. Just go see a doctor, because if your nose is broken and doesn't heal right you'll look like a boxer (the dog breed, as well as the fighter).

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