I think any body confessing to under age s** should be banned or reported to police or even beter hung

Jul 8, 2010

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  • No law against 2 or more minors having consensual s**, so there is nothing to really report when you have no proof, then if 1 player is of adult age, all you can do is gather the evidence. I know a 5th grader got knocked up by a 7th grader in the school, but there is nothing illegal since they were both wanting it, had been dating for 2 years. I guess you do have the option of not reading the stories. Maybe you need to pay for a subscription to an adult based magazine that you don't need to worry about minors and s** they do edit before print.

    Lick it, Stick it, Lick it again

  • It makes people feel better to tell someone else about it, and many times, there isn't any one to tell. Does suicide come to mind?

  • Does it count if he's double hung?
    actually...there is a suprisingly large amount of underage and sibling incest s** taking place, as young people begin to learn and expirement with trying it. They mean no harm.
    but it does seem to be under reported.

  • --------------------> most of the cofessoins are just fantasy and there is not one thing wrong with that or they are just jokeing to see what kind of comments they get from ass holes like you
    if your 11yo girl washave s** with a older man you never know about it anyway and sorrry if you think she tell you that she was doing it with a older man she like it to much !!!!!!!..-:=[

  • ^amen to that

  • I think those involved in underage s** should be well hung.

  • I don't think those being involved in Under Age s** should be hung. Unless it's underage rape.

  • ^Nobody 2nd that, stupid.

    You 2nd that, I 3rd that.

  • ^3rd that, maybe both parts.

  • I think people who can't spell should learn that minor task before they post here.

    And to #2, Thats not what your daddy says.

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