mixed emotions

I am 20 years old I've been married for 5 years going on 6,I have 3 beautiful children with my husband that I lost my virginity to...Well thiers this guy that is both of our friend but more mine than his,This guy brings out the real me I could be my crazy self around him,I am really starting to like this guy what should I do???? And the crazy part about it is that I want to be around him,and I am always thinking of him.....................

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  • You're good at lying, s***.

  • Don't listen to any of these people. Its easy for them to give advice when its not their problem.

  • wanting to be around a guy is not that crazy considering you got married at 15
    im gonna have to agree with #1

  • You could be yo crazy self in an asylum. You'd probably meet some real hotties in there.

  • Just be friends and hang with each other when you all go out as couples?

  • Do the right thing!

  • why the h*** would you get married at 15?

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