I've just made friends with a random Korean guy on the internet and gave him my email. I'm not sure why I did it. He's pretty cool, though. And if he's in Korea he can't get me. Unless he has freakishly long arms.

S***, I'm screwed.

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  • *an

  • ^in every orifice. In other news, I am pregnant with and extendable robot tentacle Korean baby- what do I do?!

  • You'll be grabbed if he has freakishly long arms. You'll only be screwed if he has some other freakishly long anatomy. Maybe he's a tentacle monster. Then you truly will be screwed!

  • That can't possibly be tr-AAAAAAOSHITNOAAAAAAAAAAAHH.

  • ^ Next thing you'll be telling me that all Koreans have extendable robot arms. :(

  • You're not screwed. Just don't give him your work/home address or phone number. Plus, you can always change your email. No worries :)

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