I have liked a guy yet again. I can't tell my friends this because he's an ass on the outside. But i know him and he's a gentleman when he's with me. He has been sending me signs that he likes me but i'm not so sure. First he calls me his baby sister but then goes on and quotes the meaning of love to me. He doesn't text me but he always talks to me when i'm online on his friend list. I know he likes this other girl but whenever i bring it up, he just pushes it aside like "whatever". What is this?

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  • guys that are asswholes to everyone but are 'secretly nice to you' are fake. Thats just their tactic for fuking you over.

  • He probably just wants s** and a quick fling. Trust me, if you can't tell your friends about someone, they probably aren't worth dating.
    Sometimes the friends are wrong, but most of the time, they're right. If they wouldn't want you dating this guy, you'd be wise to take their advice.
    I know you probably think he's the shiznit, but you aren't totally clear in your mind when you like someone.
    Your thinking gets fuzzed up because you like the person and you want to believe the best in them. I've had this problem with guys so many times and I can tell you, he isn't worth it. Find a good guy who treats you like a princess on and off the streets. :)

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