I had the sluttiest weekend of my life... I f***** two guys in one night and then my ex-boyfriend the next afternoon. One of the random guys I f***** was an underwear model. After this I felt disgusted with myself and decided I would never do anything like that again and that it was time to settle down. I went out and met a sweet guy who is not as hot as hot as I would normally go for (I'm very picky with looks), and have set my mind on dating him for awhile and then f****** him, and carrying on a long-term relationship with him. He will never know what I s*** I was as soon as recently as a week-and-a-half before I met him. He will always think I am an innocent angel who has been nothing but loving since the day we met.

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  • ^Agree completely! Oh, and for every one of those nasty cheating guys, there is a woman cheating with them ya know, food for thought, before the OP starts her hate men bullshit again.

  • ^Wow, you know so little about life. Thats fine, its good to make assumptions about people you don't even know.
    Listen, you are grotesque not because you're pretty and you know it, but what the f***, read what you've written. You're completely empty of anything that would make you worth dating.
    What guys are like in their 20's? Sweetheart, you've already admitted you're as much of an ATM as any of those guys, and your excuse for sleeping around is 'guys are jerks?' I f*** guys cause I wanna, (I am a woman by the way, thought I might tell you so you'll stop calling me a guy.)
    Yeah, there are guys that are jerks, big f****** deal, there are a lot of us that are b****** and brag like h*** about it.
    The vast majority deserve it? You're worthless, there are women like myself in the world who have friends that are guys, who are pretty, and who can handle it without having an overblown ego about how all guys are s*** and we are perfect. The only thing I've ever been bitter about is worthless men AND women like yourself, who think you are better, or have a reason to talk to and treat other people like s***.
    Don't worry your pretty head about it sweetie, when you get thirty and have spent your life being so bitter that you're gonna look 50, and the number of your little toys start to drop off, well you have fun with that then, and keep blaming men, because YOU are completely blameless and its only the fault of every man in the world.
    Or you can find the decent guys, stop being a b**** and let that attitude go.

  • I am the original poster. That last person is (obviously) not me. You're pathetic. I'm sorry that you hate people who care about their appearance - but that is really not my problem. The truth is, I men in my age group are about 95% a*******. So it's hard to maintain a relationship with any of them. I used to think it was just the cute ones - then I realized the ugly ones are a******* too in theirt 20s. They're all after just s** anyway, so why treat them well? They never return the favor. Before you judge me, think back to what you were like in your 20s - yep, that's right; a p****-obsessed a****** with no desire for a real relationship.

    I though the chubby boy might be different, but turns out he is the same too (no, I did not put out. You don't have to give guys a reason to turn on you on a dime. They are just a*******. It's their nature). So I will just go back to f****** prettyboys. You can sleep assured now - more pretty girls will become bitter like me, refuse to f*** ugly guys like you, and continue cheating on their boyfriends because the vast majority deserve it.

  • » OP HERE: No, my confession this time is 100% true. The hobo was from out of town, which is why I f***** him - I knew it was all I could get. I am not very pretty with a nasty body & I usually date guys who will at least look at me. The guy I am too ugly to see has a cute face but is not as fat as me, and stays sober. That's what I meant by 'Not as drunk as I usually go for.' Guy #2 that night was too sober to f*** properly. I have no desire to beg the ex-boyfriend to take me back(I've begged him 5 times already), so the last time was the last time. Everything I say this time true. We're all just sad miserable ppl in a bad city on a long weekend . Not as glamorous as COPS but stuff like I said the first time does happen to people who don't look anything like me.

  • I have no doubt that the physical details of your story are true, but you don't sound disgusted with yourself. Just the opposite, you sound full of yourself. I don't have any advice for you, but I would make a plea to leave the sweet guy alone--he doesn't deserve you. Since you seem quite narcissistic, it will probably come as a shock to you that I don't mean that as a compliment. Please continue to impale yourself on the male objects that enjoy your type, and leave the sweet guy available for a real relationship. His qualities will just be wasted on you, and you will soon enough set him aside for the next shiny male object that catches your eye.

  • No, my confession is 100% true. The underwear model was from out of town, which is why I f***** him - I knew it wouldn't lead to a relationship. I am pretty with a good body & I usually date guys with good bodies too. The guy I am just started seeing has a cute face but is a bit fat. That's what I meant by 'Not as hot as I usually go for.' Guy #2 that night was too drunk to f*** properly. I have no desire to date the ex-boyfriend again, so the last time was the last time. Everything I say is true. We're all just young ppl in a big city on a long weekend. Not as glamorous as The Hills but stuff like I said does happen.

  • Yeah, something tells me it will be a little more honest if we replace "Underwear Model" with "Local Hobo", and "I'm very picky with looks" probably really means "When I say I'm picky with looks, I'll sleep with anyone who doesn't find me disgusting."
    That sounds a little more honest.

  • He'll know. You'll get drunk enough to confess it to him while he and best friend are doublestuffing yopu.

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