I hate my job so much that I now get a kick out of doing secret gross stuff. Today I went to work w a babana up my ass. I felt powerful. Last week I peed on my bosses carpet in his office( I can smell the musk). My next pleasure will be to touch the rim of his coffee cup with my p**** juice. When his son comes to town I plan on f****** him again. The list of things I will do goes on and on. Quitting is not an option because the b****** pays me well and is the father of my kid. If I leave the job he will cut me off completely. Any good ideas for revenge?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Yeah,cause nothing teaches someone a lesson like putting a banana in your own a.r.s.e 😅 🍌

  • This. Sounds typical of the mental midgets hanging around here though

  • I always found the passive-aggressive approach best, and more fun. When they walk by your desk or talk to you, put your feet up, lean back, or give very general answers. Had a boss years ago that I hated, and, she felt the same about me. We just didn't do well together.

    Every time she walked by, I put my feet up on the desk, read a file or newspaper, and gave her so general answers that she'd end up asking someone else. Just mentally frustrated the h*** out of her, b/c I did my job and she had no grounds to fire me. We just hated each other as human beings.

    Even more fun was, I paid a lot of attention to a young, very hot, admin person. Put her coat on for her, give her rides home (she didn't drive), take her for lunch.. Made it seem like we were fkng, which drove b**** boss crazy.

  • Cut the legs of his chair a tiny bit shorter every week.

  • He's the father of your kid, and you're f****** his son? I hope there isn't a cross-over there :\\

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