My husband and I separated 7 years ago, so I'm now a single parent to the teenage daughters, one with ASD, I work my ass off to keep a roof over their heads, in a job I hate. I've spent 7 years in university to gain qualifications, but I can't move to where the work is because they don't want to leave their school/friends. All I hear is demands, "i want this, that and the other", I have no money for myself, no social life. My life consists of listening to them be ungrateful, driving them around to appointments, cleaning up after them, and spending the money I earn from a job I hate on them. I'd love to just run away, get the job I want, live in a tidy house, and maybe even go out once in a while. But, despite my rant, I love them and would never leave them. I just hate my life right now.

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  • I marvel at the lack of empathy shown in the comments so far. Hindsight is 20/20. How many of the responders have live a perfect life and are just where they always wanted to be? I don't think anybody responding knows the circumstances of your separation. In the same way that it can take two to make a relationship, it often takes two to break a relationship. I believe the reason for your post was not to talk about how you got into the soup you feel you're in, it is more a call for help on what to do to improve your situation.

    Parenting can be a thankless job sometimes, but more often than not, the kids come around, especially after they make a few imperfect choices, and appreciate the sacrifices that parents sometime make. For those who blindly support the Dad, any questions about why he isn't contributing?

    Hang in there Mom, maybe after the ridicule the detractors will give you some of their perfect wisdom, as well as their empathy.

  • Boo hoo

  • Autism is a terrible thing to deal with when a child has a two parents. I can't imagine doing it by oneself . You're not alone most parents want to find the nearest deserted island and live there.
    Its a favorite fantasy of mine .The essentials a nook with a couple thousands books on it a knife , firestarter , pan, fishing line and hook and a hammock ect etc

  • The problem with mothers these days is they have no reason to stay with their husband. So they basically loose interest in the husband and focus on the kids. Husband leaves. Welfare kicks in.

  • You don't know that j***! Maybe he left for another woman or drugs or because he missed his carefree lifestyle - take your own f****** issues to your own post! This lady has it hard enough - shame on you!

  • Maybe of you'd looked after hubby he'd still be with you.

  • Spoken like a real lazy douche ex-husband

  • Yeah, sorry but you hold some blame in this. If you could make a better life for yourself, and your kids you should move. I know they don't want to, and I understand why. But, at the end of the day if you can make things it. In the meantime, they need to help out. They need to help keep the house clean. If they're old enough they need to take some responsibility to get themselves places - arrange rides or take the bus. Maybe also sit them down and go over a family budget. Explain to them that everyone needs to do their part to help the family. Maybe if they're old enough it might be time for some part time jobs. A family has to work as a team if they want to do well. You can't carry this all on your own forever.

  • My wife lost interest in me. Froze me out. Not just no s** but no cuddles. No hand holding. No love.

    I agonised but decided to leave. Rented a storage locker. Openend my own bank account. Asked a lawyer what amount of my income she should get. Gradually moved all my tools and memorabilia into the storage shed.

    One night at dinner I told the kids I really loved them but that their mom and I were in trouble. I gave each a letter saying how much I loved them.

    Then I walked out.

    Now all she does is b**** about how ferrel they are and how it's all my fault for leaving.

    But she won't give up custody. Nor be pleasant to me.

  • ^^^^^ Tell it to Jesus on your way down!

  • You know that you are not supposed to let dogs lead when you walk them right? (This is just a metaphor - I'm not saying that your daughters are dogs)

  • Yeah Thelma its me Louise - I'll be there tommorrow to take our long needed vaca; I WISH! I know your pain to well. Women have it hard :(

  • Don't let them run ur life ur the damn adult get them to help you

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