Im teasing step-son

Im a 48 year old woman and remarried one year ago. I noticed that my 20 year old step-son would glance when I would leave the pool in my swim suit or as I was serving dinner and leaning forward he would peek down my blouse. I found myself a little excited and started to hold these positions a little longer. When his dad wasnt home maybe dressing a little sexier. It arouses me a little and I cant tell a single soul in the world!!

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  • He is obsessed with you. You could always begin a practice of standing closer to him -- when you hand him a plate of food, talk with him. After he accepts this, you could let your breast gently contact his arm, converse and pretend not to notice, even though you KNOW it is burning a hole in his mind wondering if YOU are aware. You could make a practice of letting that b*** stay there until HE breaks the contact, and see how long he maintains it. That should give you a fair indication of how badly he wants it.

    Best of all, you could wait until he is 21 before you start messing with this stuff.

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  • Through a keyhole in the bathroom door I saw him sniffing my underwear after I had discarded it in the laundry basket. At fist I was mad and disgusted with him for being such a pervert. Later, after I thought about it and was lying in bed, I started getting aroused thinking about that young virile man smelling my womanly scent. Modesty prevents me from writing what I did after that.

  • Why don't you do the same and take a pair of his used underwear and sniff away? The musky, sweaty aroma of a teenage boy can be quite intoxicating, especially to a h**** woman.

  • Um, why were you peeking at him through, of all things, a keyhole?

  • My curiosity or l*** got the better of me. I wanted to see what he had hidden beneath his clothes.

  • =^_^= <(Bahahaha!)

  • Please tell us more of your exploits, we want to hear it.

  • Are you going to use a condom?

  • Go ahead let him f*** you its safe at your age

  • No way, Jose.

  • Are you still Down, remember me... ='o.O'=

  • So the answer to your question is "Are you still down" Yes and we will not forget what you did here.

  • You know a member of wrote something like "Are you still Down, remember me." he used the the name KK.

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  • =^_^= <(I wear a tin foil hat. Nothing terrestrial or extraterrestrial can touch me. Bahahaha!)

  • Wear your swimsuit around the house after/before pool, and if you can get one that's a little smaller...

  • When the dad is away, where a nice pair of stockings shortish denim skirt nice cut top and watch his blood boil, and enjoy.

  • Another idea place a condom on his desk or in his bed, some where he will find it if that's not enough of a sign then I don't know what is.

  • And add heels to that lol

  • *wear

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  • Fake as F*** -Me I .Ow

  • No, Meow, it's real. It took me weeks to think it up.

  • I think you should f*** him, just make sure your alone in the house together, maybe be in the shower and call for him to bring you a towel.
    If he comes in and doesn't leave you will know he wants to you. Make sure you use protection and send pics.

  • One thing I would do If I were you is accidently drop a pair of your sexy panties in his newly made up bed. Then see if he jacks off in them, etc. If he does, the next step is to decide if you want s** with him, because he certainly does with you. If his dad finds out the ramifications will be huge, so don't get caught if you decide to have intercourse with him. And, remember, he is young, so his sperm count is extreamly high, and his volume is high, to make sure you use some kind of protection, many a young man has impregnated an older woman with his volume and seed count.

  • Fake and obsessed with sperm count, probably a PEDO.

  • Yes, best step mom, EVER. I'd like to see what you're working with! email me if you dare :]

  • I think you should talk to your husband and let him know the feelings you have.
    Either you will be asked to stop before something bad happens or... He will encourage you to tease his son and then both of you will benifit from the sexual excitement.

  • When and where do you shower?

  • He does walk in and out freely. My husband came home from work and found him watching me in the shower. He said nothing to him and didn't tell me for weeks.

  • Is it possible that you can shower when only the two of you are alone at home? Does he have the freedom to visit your bedroom whenever he chooses to? Maybe take a nap on your bed with legs open? Will contact following

  • It would be very easy for him to watch me shower. Once you enter our bedroom there is only a half wall that seperates the shower, no door.

  • Keep on hunting for that opportunity to catch him when he's wanking. At his age he should be doing that quite often. Just be careful that other family members don't get a clue of what is happening between the two of you. What are the chances of him peeking in at you in the shower?

  • My daughter!!??
    Well my husband would love a peek at huis 24 year old step- daughter but I'm not going to encorage that. :)

  • Maybe you should talk your daughter into teasing your husband??

  • Well as exciting as that sounds, I don't mind teasing him but that's a little obvious. If his dad or my daughter walked in there would be sone questions to answer. Lol

  • I think you should cook him breakfast wearing only a little silky robe and make this kids (and yours) day. You could give a a couple peeks down your top while searving and maybe a glimpse up your legs while bending over!!

  • This morning after my husband got up to go to work, I heard my daughter leave for school. I put on my robe and went to ask my step-son if he would like some breakfast. I could hear he was in the shower. I cracked the door open and in the mirror I could see his outline in the shower. I could not get an unobstructive view but it was enough to get me aroused. I then went into my shower and had a nice long shower as I brought myself to the big O!!

  • If you have the opportunity to peek in on him, do it by all means. He would surely appreciate that. Be sure to let him notice you watching him, then smile and walk away. He will make the next move on you. ENJOY !!!!

  • Perhaps I should peek in on him in the shower to see if he is taking care of himself!

  • Your stepson is waiting for you to take the lead. I'm sure he wacks off afterwards. You're in for a wonderful sexual experience. Enjoy the young man's attention and drive him WILD !!! Next step, give him a glimpse of some sexy pantie.

  • Well I'm thinking you should set up a video camera. Leave your bathroom door open while showering and see if he peeks in on you.
    If he does you could give home quite the show!!!

  • Have you ever considered have your top accidently fall off while exiting the pool in front of him?

  • Thank for the suggestion. I've gone through several emotions... Aroused, guilt Ive stepped back a little but, I like the idea that a 20 year old would still find ne atractive.

  • He flattered you, but do not to too far with the flirtation. Its addictive. But it boosted your ego in a healthy way, didn't it? Just be your normal self. The step-son WILL notice the change in postures and attire, and might be confused like a ton of the other posts on this board.

  • It does make me feel good. His father is the one that benifits because the s** is great after getting myself turned on!

  • Give it to him and no condoms please! That's the best way

  • Why no condoms?

  • It's absolutely normal. Makes you feel good doesn't it?

  • As someone who had a stepmom, I can't tell you how bad I wanted to f*** her at age 16. I constantly jacked off in her panties, and peeked at her all I could. She gave me lots of peeks, and would undress so I could see her. She had extreamly large t*** and she drove me mad with l***. Yes, you need protection because a boy that age will shoot a gallon of spearm in you, everyone a strong swimmer racing to get to your egg. I am positive he wants to f*** you so I would arrange for it to happen. Dont worry, he will never tell his dad and forever be in love with you.

  • I used to be turned on by my stepmom and I jacked off alot thinking of her when I was young. I sometimes also stole a pair of her panties to j****** in. On occasion, I know she intentially let me see her naked, or close to it. Most step son's secretly want to f*** their step mom.

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