I want to humiliate my sister

I'm married, 40 with two kids. We live in a nice neighborhood in Mission Viejo, CA. My sister is 38, never married and her and her husband live in a snooty gated community of Newport Coast.
She cares more about her fake friends, fake church friends and business associates then me or my family.
She has stood up my kids sooo many times!
I would love to confront her in front of her friends and get into a catfight tearing her clothes from her body and letting all of them get a good look at her massive fake b**** and p****!

Is this too much? Lol

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  • she might be proud of her naked self and then your idea might backfire. besides, she might turn the tables on you if you got down to it.

  • "My sister is 38, never married and her and her husband live in a snooty gated community of Newport Coast. " HUH?

  • I say if you want it bad enough do it, but you must expose yourself also!!

  • It's not just kicking her ass, it's exposing her bare ass and t*** to her friends family and strangers!!

  • I am with you on this one. I can't stomach those "Fletcher Jones of Neport Beach" a******* they think they are better than the rest of the planet and treat others poorly. Kick that b****** ass

  • I would prefer showing hers to the world.

  • I'm not sure if you are just jealous or what. So if your sister has done you wrong, just stop depending on her, and kinda cut the strings when she needs anything from you. If its a one way relationship make it known. Let it all be inconvenient to you for her crap. Let her figure out that juggling kids is hard already and she'll need to earn favors before she cashes them. Or make it a issue about money. She'll have to help pay for gas (full tank always) and other costs like paying for your lunch if you have to run an errand that is taking up time for you already.... all sorts of these issues.

    When it comes to the -fake- issue... just keep out of it. They are the ones that paid for the too-expensive gated community who's house values plummeted and the foreclosures are happening. they decided to move into the 2 car garage split level, so they rarely know their neighbors because they never see anyone get out of their house. They are the ones who have to pay and endure the housing rules about their lawn, shrubbery, one type of garbage pickup container, pet rules, extra cost taxes and all that other garbage. It all seems nice on the exterior, but those places can suck.

    Of course they'll have more money because of the no kids, but they'll also not have grandkids when they are getting tired of the life style when it starts to seem more important than the career. They will never be proud of a kid in a school play, or when their team wins and the after part at the pizza place is awesome. They'll never get the compliments about your kids even from strangers in a store when they are acting good. (Hey, it'll happen at least once, right? Darn kids.) They'll never have a reason to have a great experience because you made a point of getting out to -bond-.

    So, the grass is always greener and at some point in peoples lives they question their past choices, so just bide your time.

    Also, she has s****-ups and embarrassing issues with her -fake- friends as they evaluate them as -fake- too. She just doesn't let you know.

  • I ment no children

  • Im thinking the Starbucks at Crystal Cove. Sat morning, lots of people.... Ill be there to video it for you!
    I have an ex-wife you can embarasse for me later... maybe a nice face sit as everyone else gets to eye her exposed body?!

  • What dont you understand?

  • Let me know when and where. I would like to see this!

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