My BFF's Boyfriend

I'm a 15 year old girl. My friend Sam (fake name) has a boyfriend named Collin (fake name). Well, had anyway. She broke up with him today. She had me do it. I love Connor, though. He is my best guy friend. He is sweet, cute, and just like me. I can tell he likes me too. But I don't wanna date him because he's my friend's ex. Help me please!

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  • Lol, I'm guessing this guy's real name is Connor. Talk to your friend, find out if she still has feelings for him, if not then talk to her, tell how you feel, if she's a true friend then she'll accept it. If she still does have feelings, then ask her why they spilt. It's a tricky situation, he could be the love of your life who you end up marrying and a having a family, but then again it might not last and may cost you your friendship. The choice is yours to make!

  • Hold off for a while at least. you should keep friends before guys right now. I know it seems hard or stupid, but i made the mistake of leaving my girlfriends for a boy and it was shittiest thing i ever did. and i was exactly your age. so dont hurt her feelings. please.

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