I am 22 and work in a three story building. We have parking facilities in the basement and we use the stairs to get to the first floor where our office is. Lately I noticed a guy standing at the bottom of the stairs close to the railings and peeping up our skirts while we are mounting the stairs. Now I must mention that there are four of us working in the same office and we all wear short skirts, so it is quite possible that every morning he gets a nice glimpse of our panties. The other girls aren't aware of this yet.
The first morning I noticed him I was a little disturbed by his boldness, but later in our office I found myself excited by the idea. The next morning I deliberately wore my red see-through panties and made sure that I was alone when I went up the stairs. When I got to the top I glanced back and found him rubbing his crotch.
This has now been going on for the last three weeks and he hasn't made a move to talk to me or anything else.
Maybe soon one morning I might come without panties?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Women like you are reponsible for rapes

  • Also, I like surprise buttsex. -Future Jake

  • 1. Recognize that he is a pervert.

    2. Recognize that you are "feeding" his perversion by your acts.

    3. Recognize that you too might be a pervert.

    Conclusion: You two should hook up. The s** will be nasty fun.

  • Cheap thrill seeker getting what he is only seeking. Feel free to express your exhibitionist side (if you have one) and go commando. Also, try it once or twice when you are not going up those steps. Does the idea of him rubbing off one after peeking up your skirt turn you on? It's what you are advertising.

  • is he cute? if you like perverts, by all means go for it..

  • Also, I like surprise buttsex.

    -Future Jake

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