I love my Mother-in-law

Although it happened some years ago I still feel ashamed. Whilst visiting my wife parents one evening, I sat across from my mother-in-law at the table and from the position I was in, I could see clearly up her dress. Now, my mother-in-law is no prize pig,in her fifties, chubby, redhead with glasses and a dry humourless personality but I could not look away. Eventually I noticed that she was watching me perving the whole time wich made me feel quite awkward as I had a raging b**** wich I'm sure she noticed. She excused herself to the bathroom only to return to her position but this time with no undies. I could see a full view of her v*****. I soon had to got to the bathroom and relieve myself when I noticed her panties on the floor. I put them to my nose as I masturbated a torrent of thick c** straight onto the crotch of her panties. I carefully folded them just in time to hear my wife say that we were leaving. As we made it to the front porch I watched my mother-in-law race back into the bathroom and return seconds later. We all said our good-bye and then she whispered in my ear a thankyou for my present and that she was wearing 'those' panties. The thought of my c** pressing against her hairy fat t*** drove me insane with l*** and guilt. No-one especially my wife, knows about our little family secret.

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  • I am wet

  • Just reading that story gave me a b****.. I wish s*** like that would happen to me

  • Sounds like something out of a s*** mag.

  • Sounds fabricated, frankly.

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