Blah WTF !

Ive been giving my best guy friend bj s now for awhile and I don't really mind . It's just the getting started that is awkward because usually I have to wait for him to get started and it feels weird. I'ld like to get him started but I don't know how . We've never even kissed. I usually like making out and getting them started myself but since he's my best fiend I'm worried how he's gonna take it. Should I just go for it ? I mean I've already done this already for him what's a little making out to get me in the mood right ? I just don't know If I should just randomly do it when I know were going to do that **.

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  • are u single?

  • So, you just liking playing with ** then? Its nice you have someone who isn't predatory for more.

    So what happens after he has had his **? You just toss him a tissue and flip on the tv?

  • Well we both know it's gonna happen because I get into this mood where I'm hyper and energetic an then he'll suggest that and I dunno it ends up happening LOL it's kinda weird I couldn't really put it into words but that's about it .

  • Well it's not like I'm in love with him and want anything further. I like fooling around and ** . And Im not even sure I want him to do anything to me. I'm kinda nervous with that **. I'ld prefer doing ** with him. I dunno I like when he rubs and touches my ** that turns me on and ** . I don't know what else you 'ld like to hear LOL :p

  • I'm wondering about the timing. Do you just decide that you two are bored, so he whips it out? Who suggests it first? As for getting started, I do not think you should be obligated to arouse him. That should be all on him. That sort of thing is for lovers, not friends with benefits. But you have a point that both of you should feel the mood.

    Would a touch of mutual but separate masturbation get it going for each of you? Keep the kissing out of it, but feed off each others exhibitionism/voyeurism? I'd think you should keep it a low romance deal. Once you let that 'I love you' out, it'll be impossible to take back. You have obviously passed a line of intimacy if you have manhandled him, but does it go that way for you? He's seen you with your pants down? Tell us more! I'm interested in more!

  • Ok, seeing that you are female I think it's pretty cool that you enjoy giving him head and absolutly you should be able to make out before going down on him to get you in the mood. I would just tell him you want to make out some before and if he doesn't want to then I wouldn't ** his **.

  • If he liked even so much as liked you one tiny bit as anything more than a ** guzzler, he would kiss you. I don't think it's exactly news that he's using you, dear.

  • I'm I women LOL :p

  • Is the OP a man or woman?

  • ^Someone who has never had any form of **, and never will.

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