I cut, and here's why

I cut, as you can already see. I started when I was eleven, and I can't stop. It started with my pet, which I told all my deepest secrets to. He died. My friend, I could speak to her more easily than anybody I have ever met, she moved. Our family cat who has been around forever, before I was even alive died, and I was the one who found her dead. My big brother, the best big brother in the world is going to college. My grandpa had a heart attack, my friends are pulling away from me. My best friend, he is moving away, and, I think I started having a crush on him. I also cut because I feel stupid, ugly, fat, lost, miserable, and useless. I just had to get all of it out. And if you want to, comment on the cutting, I could do anything right now to stop.

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