I'm in love

I am still in love with a guy I haven't seen since May. I met him in December, but we weren't exclusive which was my first mistake. The girl he was seeing while he was seeing me is now his girlfriend, so I feel like the other woman. I am seeing someone now. But in all honesty, if he rang my doorbell today and said "Nici, I love you" I would be with him in a heart beat.

I love you with my whole heart even if its wrong, and I know you don't feel the same way. I miss you, iI think about you all the time, and I still have hope as stupid as that may be. Love always,

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^Wow E, stopped j********** in Ron Paul's office long enough to write something?

  • ^Oh Jake, will your inefficient trolling never cease? I have never seen a troll so eager to scream look at me, and yet gets nothing for all of their hard work.
    Thats why I'm throwing you a lifeline for all of your efforts. Wow Jake, you are clever! Uh oh, I hope the OP doesn't get mad at that bit of cleverness!

    Really Jake, its just amazing. All this effort for one response, simply amazing. You have to be the penultimate (look up this word before you get too happy there!) of trolls, and only because the last one is dead.

    We notice you Jake, we really do, all your comments about the s** that you never get in real life, all the hilarious things you say that have no humor at all, all the time spent being so miserable you sit at a desk trying to get everyone's attention.

    Well, you have attention now Jakey, Future Jakey who twenty years from now will still be begging for the touch of a woman, wishing his furture of forced s** were true, hoping and begging for it like there were no tomorrow.

    Here you go Jakey, here's your attention. Now run along and play.

    Oh, I will not respond after this, so no use trolling me, besides, I think you should be grateful, you should easily be able to win a one sided troll fight :)

    Take Care.

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