are a f***** j*** and I am going to kill that leah b****. F*** you. If R and I had put on that bullshit behavior you and that w**** were in the garage with you pulling your pants down you would have kicked my ass you hypocritical two faced c*** sucker. Everything's ok for you but not for me. You befriend EVERYBODY but I can't talk to anyone unless you are present. You're a insecure F**. I HATE YOU. Youre a j*** and one of these days, things are going to change and you'll be without me. You don't HAVE to see it- with a focus as narrow as yours, you couldn't see the broad side of a f***** barn anyway you A****** piece of s***. I HATE YOU. You don't get to keep me. I may be stuck with you now but you WON'T get to keep me. I'll be gone and you'll have missed out on the best thing that could have happened to you IF you weren't such an ass backward uneducated piece of s***. God won't LET you keep me. He'll take me and put me in a safe place where you can't go- you'll never hurt, harm or threaten me again. You'll wish you had been good to me. You'll regret that you didn't get to come with me. And you could have- if you hadn't decided to be such a asinine piece of s*** P****. You're a j***- plain and simple. And you f****** know it and the things is you won't do anything about it because it's easier NOT to- which makes you just another big LOSER in the world. You think you're special- but you're just yet ANOTHER loser. Loser. That's why you act the way you do. Because. You are. A loser.

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  • Hey Jen- HAVE HIM!!! He could be with you by now anyway- except that he thinks you're a giant S***. He doesn't like to be with women that are like the village bicycle where EVERYONE gets a ride!


  • I guess I don't understand why everyone is talking s*** to you.

    "Please have consideration for the confessee when making a comment."

    That's what it says, f******. Don't be so rude next time.

  • I hate n****** , jews, gays and asians

  • If you suck his d*** again after that rant you will be the loser and neer leave.

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