i hate it so much

i hate so much when my husband touches me for s** i dont know why i love him i just dont want him to touch my anymore it makes me sick

Jul 8, 2010

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  • S** is supposed to be enjoyable. If you are not enjoying it, there's something wrong. Can you talk to him about the problem and ask him to help you solve it. Try masturbating to learn what turns you on and learn to have o****** by yourself, then get him to pleasure you in the same way.

    If he won't cooperate, you may have to divorce him and find a more caring man.


  • Gotta be honest..My ex wife was like this..Never into s**...And what did I do? Sought, and got, it elsewhere.. Usually either young waitress girls or my nurse friend, who was as sexual as I was, and we did well together. I probably had 8 young waitress or hostess girls from various chain restaurants or bars we'd go to. Spot a cute one, befriend her, and get together after a few weeks.

  • Do you have kids? A boy perhaps? If you do let hime f*** you and eat his c**. That should fix things.

  • Sleeping with someone else might be a positive experience, but I don't think it will directly address the issue with your husband. Monogamous s** may get stale, but no one who loves their partner should feel sick at their touch. There is something deeper that needs to be faced.

  • I'll be the little Devil on your shoulder. It sounds like you should sleep with a stranger for some fun :)

  • ^You can do that, but it doesn't make me any less correct.

  • Probably because you've only had s** with him for some time, and the human race is meant to be polygamous.
    My guess is he is just as disgusted by your touch, but doesn't want to cheat, so you two will live in a stale, boring, miserable marriage for the rest of your miserable lives.
    Even if you do divorce, you will run right into another relationship, because you don't have the ability to live without a man in your life, because you have been conditioned to believe that.

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