My husband can't go out!

I put visine in my husbands drink hours before he plans on going out. He gets terrible stomache cramps and s**** for hours and I get to have him all to myself for the evening!

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  • My wife is controlling, but not to this extreme I don't think. If she ever were and I caught her I'd peacefully surrender to the authorities to serve my life term after I was done with her.

  • For some reason I completely understand

  • Awwww...that's sweet.

  • You are truly a magnificent c***. Real nice night at home with him s******* all nite. Maybe you can wipe his filthy stinky hole.

  • You have him all to yourself... while he's in the bathroom all night? Freaky.

  • Thats a criminal act, believe it or not, gonna be funny when he gets you back by getting you put in jail for a few nights, then he'll make up for lost time, and you'll get laid too!

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