Taking my time

I started four years ago taking my time to c** i would sometimes watch p*** for up to 3 hours and stopping when i was about to c** but would ended up in having pain in my lower back and my b**** would be to tender to touch which hurt even more if i walked,I'm 19 and did stop but old habits always come back,I took a present to my aunt and as she wasn't in i let myself in and it came to me i could do it again,had hours to myself and made myself at home, snooped around her bedroom and ended up watching p*** on her bed,that pain came back after 2 hours but couldn't move that much when her bedroom door came open and she seen me nude,I apologized and told her i was hurting and she made me stand up which hurt more and she said it's because i needed to c** i said she should leave and i will be down soon and without any warning and not gentle in one movement she got her hand around it and pulled back and just kept doing it like it was normal i never c** like that before could hardly stand afterwards,we have never spoke about it again.

Jan 30, 2021

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  • There is nothing better than older women.

    I’m 19 as well and have been f****** my ex girlfriend’s mom for the past 2 years. She is 51 now and we get together a couple times a month.

    You should tell your aunt that you enjoyed it and that you can not stop thinking about her and how you want to return the favor. That you think of her every time you m********* and that you do that more than you like to admit :). Tell her that you have never been with a woman and that you want her to teach you what to do and that you want to have oral s** with your GF but want to learn how so you don’t embarrass yourself

    I gaurao she will eat that up and be ready to do it right then.

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