My Secret

My parents beat me, and they emotionally abused me. I'm still young, but I know that it's not normal when your being spanked for there to be brusies, and sometimes blood. I also know that it's not normal to be beat with random objects like shoe boxes. Then they told me that no one would ever want me, and some other things. I want so badly to tell the police, but you know what? I'm so scared, and I love them. Their all I have, I'm all alone without them. I just don't know what to do right now, I've thought of suicide. I really have, and I would be so much better off dead. I then realize that my friends would be sad then, and I don't want to hurt them. My friends notice when I come in and start crying, their worried for me to. I can't tell them, I can't drag them into this mess that I've made for myself.

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  • Tell someone, be strong, & put your faith in Jesus.

  • What are friends for if you can't ask them for help? You have made no mess for yourself, others such as your parents have made it for you. Kick your dad in the b**** of he raises his hand to you and then go tell the police.

  • Sweetie listen to me, I've been where you are. My mother put me through the same thing. You must believe me that one day, when you are ready and probably before your friends do, you will move out on your own, you will support yourself, and you will be FINE. Do not be afraid anymore and don't even think of suicide. Be strong. Be well.

  • Please tell someone...anyone. What they are doing is called assault. Don't be afraid. They can't hurt you if you tell. Start with a friend honey.

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