Boyfriend in Iraq

My boyfriend is in Iraq and I know he will find out what I did. I was at a party and started making out with a guy he knows. It was real late and I just let him undress me and we had oral s** with each other and also had intercourse. I didn't know it at the time but two other guys and one girl were watching us the whole time. He knows all of them and I think they took pictures of us.

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  • If he is mature he knew it was going to happen when he left

  • You cheated on your BF. It happens a hundred thousand times a day. He'll deal with it. Either its all good. Or you are out the door.

  • wtf! if this was a guy everyone would pat him on the back. sooo... she f***** a guy. big deal. bad choice. learn from it. grow up.

  • i think u should have ur c*** cut out...and also a limb of choice. choose wisely. he is sacrificing possibly his life for a country to live in where ppl can cheat and lie. u wouldnt tell him s*** if there was no witnesses. i seriously hope u suffer. f****** s****

  • We all struggle with things. The lesson to be learned here is to not allow yourself to be in the type of situation where you can make a bad choice. I hope everything works out.

  • Well that's a shame. All he thinks about while he is in h*** is you and then you betray him. I hope when and if he get back he guts you like the pig that you are and then f*** your kunt with his m16.
    I hate n******, jews, asians and the gays


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