I must confess

I must confess to the fact that I enjoys confessing my hatred twoard n****** , jew, the mud people, asians, and ofcourse the gays. I hate n****** so much that it consumes me. When I think about lazy, dumb n****** I want to go out a shoot some. I want to rape a fat n***** b**** with a steak knife.


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  • Hank,You are still mad about having a tiny d***:)

  • Die all of you democrats. Eat n***** c**.

  • idiot.

  • There there little troll *pats troll on the head and feeds him bread crumbs* here's your attention for the day.

  • Awww Hank has been feeling left out lately. I'm telling you this guy is three steps from wearing a dress and singing showtunes.

    I mean look at him, he is extremely homophobic, he hates women, I'm just guessing his dreams are of men of other ethnicities giving him something he really wants.

    Go on Hank, we know the truth, don't be ashamed anymore.

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