Suicide/self harm trigger warning

I cheated. I got caught. I already felt guilty, but now I feel sick. I considered ODing on one of my scripts, because even if it's not enough to kill me, I have enough of it to at least make me pass out. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight otherwise. My boyfriend didn't do anything to deserve what I did, and I'm still not sure what made me do it. I just feel completely helpless and useless.

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  • You feel sorry. Sounds like you wouldn't do it again. People do stupid things and it seems to be human nature to s**** up once in a while. Don't hurt yourself over a mistake, learn from the mistake and move forward with your life. If this relationship is over there will be others. You feel bad so that says you are a decent person. Don't be too h****** yourself like I said you made a mistake that's what people do. You will be ok please don't hurt yourself.

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  • At least you weren't married when you cheated like my ex wife did.

  • Not sure what the comment below is trying to get across..that if he's only a boyfriend or just a girlfriend that it makes it okay to cheat? So to that commenter -When your bf or gf cheats on you..don't come crying here. There are lots of people in the world who take oaths, make promises, sign contracts, get married who still lie, cheat and steal all the doesn't prevent cheating and it doesn't hurt any less. If you're saying it's okay to cheat because you're not married, why bother having a bf/gf in the first place? They call it cheating for a reason, because it's deceitful. Don't commit if you want to continue to date and sleep around. It's a pretty easy concept. Then you get what you want and no one gets hurt. No expectations. But if you are committed to someone, then have the common consideration for who you're with to break up so you can sow your oats. Because really you have nothing without a commitment. So the OP cheated and got caught and she's feeling pretty bad about it. Is she feeling bad because she cheated or because she got caught? Maybe you cheated because the other guy is giving you attention that your current bf is not. If you have an issue in your relationship, talk to your s.o - seeking someone outside of your relationship rarely solves any problems. The idea of committing suicide or harming yourself is definitely not the answer. Your bf may be mad and hurt and you may have risked the relationship, but you'll get through this. And you've more than learned your lesson. Stop beating yourself up about this, just own it, accept the consequences and make better decisions in the future. That's all you can do. Everything will fall into place.

  • The key word in your post is "boyfriend". No commitment. No promise. No vow. No contract. No nothing. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't care about his feelings; all I'm saying is, to quote the immortal Beyoncé, "if he liked it then he should have put a ring on it". You did what you wanted. Because you could. And you should. If he wants to change the dynamic, he needs to declare himself: you don't need to harm yourself. And if you think that harming yourself is going to prove something to him, or get his attention, think again: it isn't. Until you sign with a team, you're a free agent. Don't forget it.

  • I agree. A sexual affair when young and single may not be the best way to go but it is, comparatively speaking, not worth losing your life over.
    there is more to this than you have revealed and there is more to your relationship with the boyfriend that perhaps you are not accepting.
    Stan back, take a deep breath, re-assert your goals and move on.

  • Immortal Beyonce...that's rich....maybe you should kill yourself.

  • Please do not harm yourself.

    I am assuming your young; this is very common for younger females,guys will cheat and not blink an eye.

    If your younger and under 25 your brain is not fully developed yet, and how committed was your relationship really?

    Trust me you have plenty of relationships in your future, just know what you want and don't settle for less!

    We all make mistakes, sometimes we are meant too!

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