Feel guilty but I didn't do anything

Last week my son and his friends were sleeping over. They were in the den watching "Return of the Jedi" and I overheard one of them remark that I would look good in Princess Leia's slave-girl outfit and another called me a "milf" and my son agreed. I was flattered and embarrassed.
Later that night I dreamed of being a slave-girl with my son and his friends using me. I woke up very aroused and masturbated. Afterwards I felt guilty. I went to the bathroom to clean up and I heard these noises. I peeked in and I could tell that the boys were having s**. I watched for a while until they changed positions, then I dashed back to my bedroom and masturbated again.
Now I fantasize constantly about my son and his friends, sometimes just them, sometimes with me. I saw my son put a jar of vaseline in his backpack before going to school, and I couldn't help getting aroused!

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  • I understand

  • That's seriously messed up.

  • Tell your son they won't be needing any vaseline when they pin you down.

  • Vaseline is pertroleum based and will stain clothes. Well, you'll find out with the next load of laundry.

    Buy them some Astroglide. Its water based and easy to clean. Condoms too.

  • this is hot!

  • You're having a wild and erotic fantasy about s** with the young men. Is it the gay s** between them that is turning you on?

  • Keep in mind people, whatever you say, this is a troll, for good or bad you feed it with every compliment or insult.
    She will come on to deny her trollhood, don't fall for it.
    You have been warned.

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