I'm so lost.

I met someone tonight whom I think may be someone I could love. She seemed to come at life from the same angle. She seemed to understand things in the same way I do. I have a girlfriend. She wasn't her.

Jul 20, 2012

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  • You will regret it when you discover more about this person and that they may not feel the same way about you as time goes. It's l*** and the excitement of something new, it usually fades. But hey, only time will tell!

  • Unless you have some reason for having to stay, like having a child together, you need to move on from your GF. What are your other options, stay with her and always wonder what could have been?
    If you want met someone you want to be with then be bold and make a move.

  • I would examine how much you actually know about this person. The new attraction feeling sometimes causes us to overlook things that we can't ignore later on.
    I would also look at how things are with your current relationship. Are you bored, unfulfilled or at odds? That might make you more likely to be looking. Nothing makes a person more attractive than their attraction to you. Don't be hasty with decisions, but make sure you end your current relationship before you pursue another one. Otherwise you become a common cheater.

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