I don't care

My boyfriend is a transvestite and I'm proud of him! I don't care what anyone says, he's still the sweetest, romantic, adorable, loving, funniest person to come to this world. Man or woman, he's perfect <3

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  • jesus freak you really need to just stfu or learn the bible better ok here read this book "tao te ching" it'll teach you not to be a tool

  • Cross-dressing is a sin. Sin causes physical and spiritual death. It ultimately leads to eternity in the Lake of Fire (a literal, horrible place). If you truly love a person, you should pray that he or she be delivered from this sin, and seek God's will for his or her life. You don't have to be obnoxious about it - just tell them the truth. Jesus Christ of Nazareth died for our sins (He was our replacement) so that we could have access to God. Once you die, its too late to repent. This is your visitation from God to all afflicted by this sin. His mercy is reaching out to you. Will you take His hand and allow Him to save you?

  • The Jesus freak strikes again! Hey Holier Than Thou, why don't you shove it where Jesus don't shine!

  • Hey, there is an ass for every seat girl. Follow your heart if people don't understand, that's their problem.


  • You don't care? Good for you sweetheart. Love your man and help him choose his panties, but don't let him wear yours. :D

  • Firstly, that's just wroooong!! And secondly, run from him as far away as you can. He's a freak(no offense). The reason I said this is because it will have a negative effect on your psychology.

  • don,t be proud thats weird .you should stay the gender you were born with

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